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Kon Mee Sanay: Charming & Enchanting Thai Women

In Thailand the two most common words used to describe an attractive woman are sŭay (สวย) and nârák (น่ารัก), which translate to “beautiful” and “cute,” respectively. But sometimes you may feel that neither of these words are the right one to describe a truly captivating Thai woman.

In the Thai language, the compound word “mee sà-này” is used to describe someone who is charming and attractive in a very seductive way. The word literally means to “have fascinating/enchanting” qualities. It also is translated sometimes as meaning “gorgeous” or “sensational”.

If you find a Thai lady to be “mee sà-này,” it is like a “love potion” has been used on you, or as it’s said in Thai, “tham-hâi-lŏng-lăi” (ทำให้หลงใหล).

Therefore, you must be careful not to be seduced into falling in love with a demon!

If you hear this admonition from a Thai friend, be on your guard:

Theu mee sà-này dtàe bpen bpee-sàat (เธอมีเสน่ห์แต่เป็นปีศาจ)
“She’s fabulous, but she is a demon (evil).”


Kon Mee Sanay – Thai Song Lyrics

The term “mee sà-này” often is used along with the Thai word for “infatuation” — lŏng-lăi (หลงไหล) — which is found in the lyrics to the popular song Kon Mee Sanay (คนมีเสน่ห์) by Nakharin Kingsak.

He sings:

Róo măi jai duang née man sàp-sŏn? Lŏng-lăi theu jon mòt jai láew oie. (รู้ไหมใจดวงนี้มันสับสน หลงไหลเธอจนหมดใจแล้วเอย)

“Do you know my heart is all mixed up? I am totally infatuated with her.”

The reason the singer is all mixed up is because the woman he is enchanted with (as so often is the case) isn’t obviously beautiful at first glance, but when everything about her is taken in as a whole, she becomes the most beautiful woman in the world to him.

Or as Khun Nakharin sings:

Yîng doo, yîng mee sà-này. (ยิ่งดู ยิ่งมีเสน่ห์)

“The more you look, the more charming/enchanting she becomes.”

David Alan