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The Best Thai Coffee: Jeed Jad on the Moon (Chiang Mai)

It’s been a while since we tried a new brew in our search for the best coffee in Thailand, so today we will review Jeed Jad On the Moon from SnoozeintheGlum Coffee. This light roast Thai coffee contains 9 different flavors of beans, and is harvested from the Galyani Vadhana (กัลยาณิวัฒนา) district in Chiang Mai Province (North Thailand), at an elevation of 1200 feet above sea level.

Those who are familiar with Thailand know that Chiang Mai has a serious smog problem every year — caused by farmers burning rice and corn fields after the harvest. One district where burning is especially prevalent is Galyani Vadhana (also spelled Kalayaniwattana). In an effort to reduce crop burning in the district, government initiatives were launched this year to encourage more coffee growing as a replacement for rice and corn crops.

While Chiang Mai province is known for producing some of the best Thai coffee, the Galyani Vadhana district is not an area with many coffee plantations. So, the government sees a big opportunity for increased coffee growing in the district (and less smog). There certainly is increasing coffee demand within Thailand. Over the past decade, Thais have increased their yearly consumption of coffee from 180 cups a year to 300 cups a year. And while the country consumes 70,000 tons of coffee a year, it only produces 10,000 tons (and must import the rest).

So, in the coming years, we can expect to see increased coffee production coming from Chiang Mai province, especially the Galyani Vadhana district. Who knows? They may even bring in some civets and try to compete with Bluegold in producing the best Civet coffee in Thailand.


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Jeed Jad On The Moon is available as a light roast & medium roast in 100 mg and 200 mg bags (100 & 180 baht).

Jeed Jad On The Moon – Coffee Review

We approached our taste test of Jeed Jad On The Moon with some high expectations. Not only did we receive a personal recommendation from a regular at Boonnar Art Space in Sakon Nakhon (where the brew is sold), but the Lazada sales page for this Thai coffee has over 250 Five Star reviews. The roasted coffee beans come in cute packaging with an image of a white feline on the moon. When opened these beans had a distinct earthy aroma, mixed with a bit of chocolate, and a touch of bourbon.

On drinking the first sip, there no longer was any hint of chocolate, but more of a honey plum flavor with a pleasing light caramel finish. This is a Thai coffee that can stand alone well as a morning beverage, without the need for adding any sugar or milk. The energy boost was mild but long lasting, with no sudden drowsiness an hour or two later.

So, we definitely can place Jeed Jad On the Moon near the top of our list of Thai Coffee Reviews, and a good sign that future coffees coming from Galyani Vadhana (Kalayaniwattana) will be worth buying.

David Alan
Sakon Nakhon Isaan