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Sakon Nakhon Kuti Architecture

When visiting temples in Sakon Nakhon, you will sometimes see the monk’s living quarters. These are small structures built on stilts called a Kuti. They can appear in various sizes and shapes, but they are intended to be small, so as to discourage the accumulation of material things.

The most famous Kuti in Sakon Nakhon is the one in which the revered monk Ajahn Mun lived at Wat Pa Nak Nimit. You will also occasionally see very old, dilapidated Kutis which have not been torn down, as a sign of respect to an honored monk who had lived there.

Below is our growing collection of photographs of Sakon Nakhon Kutis, which we will be continually adding to. Another structure you’ll see at many temples is a crematorium. You can view our photo gallery of these buildings here: Sakon Nakhon Crematoriums.


Sakon Nakhon Kuti Architecture
David Alan