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Zurich Bread Cafe – The Best Sandwiches in Udon Thani

One thing that is hard to come by in Northeast Thailand is a good sandwich. While Subway sandwiches has a strong presence in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, there is only one Subway shop in all of Northeast Thailand (in Khon Kaen). Yes, there is an expat restaurant here and there that sometimes does an okay sandwich, but these are a rarity, because the key to a great sandwich is good, fresh baked, bread.

In Sakon Nakhon, the best sandwiches are to be had at Apple’s and Ban Fa Prong (both of which bake their own bread). But neither place does a good cold cut sub like you would find at Subway, or a nice deli style sandwich like a Reuben or Cuban. However, at Udon Thani Airport there is the widely overlooked Zurich Bread Cafe, which perhaps makes the best sandwiches in Udon Thani, and is a place to stock up on a few sandwiches if you are ever visiting Udon to do some shopping.


Zurich Bread Cafe Thailand
The Zurich Bread Cafe at the Udon Thani Airport makes excellent deli style sandwiches


The Zurich Bread Cafe is on a mission to produce the best artisan breads in Thailand, working with genuine European bread recipes from the French, Swiss, Italians, Germans, and Russians. While they don’t make Subway style subs or hoagies, they do make delicious deli sandwiches, such as the Cuban Ham Ciabatta, Reuben on Sourdough made with pastrami, sauerkraut, and cheddar, a BLT on multigrain bread, smoked salmon bagels, and more. Just talking about them, makes us want to take a trip to Udon Thani to buy more. All sandwiches are priced reasonably, considering the quality you are getting.

The Zurich Bread Cafe is located on the bottom floor of the Udon Thani Airport, which is not far from downtown Udon Thani. It is quite easy to get to, and even though it’s an international airport, there is rarely much of a traffic problem. The staff at the cafe sometimes go easy on the dressing, so we would suggest asking for extra mayo (for the Cuban) or extra Russian dressing for the Reuben. To do that, say “sai may-o-nayt yeu” (for extra mayonnaise) or “sai sawt yeu” (for extra Russian dressing) — the Thai word “yeu” (เยอะ) means “a lot”.